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The 3-Foot Rule | Bicycle Law

Illinois law requires drivers to give at least three feet of room when passing bicyclists.
Here in Illinois our statewide law requires operators of motor vehicles to provide bicyclists at least three feet of distance between the motor vehicle and the bicyclist. The term “The 3-Foot Rule” comes from sub-paragraph (d) […]

Steps To Follow After A Bicycle Accident | Bicycle Law

Don’t Panic, the Illinois Bicycle Lawyers at Keating Law Offices have outlined the five most important steps to follow after you have been in a bicycle accident.

1.) Get Medical Attention:
Seemingly small injuries from a bicycle accident may be much worse than they appear. When in doubt, call an ambulance or […]

Left and Right Hook Bike Crashes | Bicycle Law

A “left hook,” where an oncoming motorist turns left in front of a bicyclist, is explicitly prohibited by Illinois law. Section 11-902 of the Illinois Rules of the Road requires a motorist making a left-hand turn to yield to oncoming traffic. A left turn may only be made when it […]

Bike Lights | Illinois Bicycle Attorneys

Illinois law requires every bicycle ridden at night to be equipped with a front light that emits a white light for at least 500 feet and a red reflector on the rear that is visible from as far away as 600 feet. The law in Illinois also allows for a […]

Guide To A Safe Bicycle Commute | Illinois Bike Attorneys

1.) Wear A Properly Fitted Helmet:
Make any and all adjustments to pads and straps. Helmets should be level, snug and reflective.

2.) Be Visible & Predictable:
Wear bright or reflective clothing, look out for drivers and bikers and BE PREDICTABLE! Hand signal when making turns, if you can’t be seen BE HEARD. […]

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