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Bicycle Infographics


Steps To Follow After A Bicycle Accident | Bicycle Law

Don’t Panic, the Illinois Bicycle Lawyers at Keating Law Offices have outlined the five most important steps to follow after you have been in a bicycle accident. 1.) Get Medical Attention: Seemingly small injuries from a bicycle accident may be much worse than they appear. When in doubt, call an [...]


Left and Right Hook Bike Crashes | Bicycle Law

A “left hook,” where an oncoming motorist turns left in front of a bicyclist, is explicitly prohibited by Illinois law. Section 11-902 of the Illinois Rules of the Road requires a motorist making a left-hand turn to yield to oncoming traffic. A left turn may only be made when it [...]


Guide To A Safe Bicycle Commute | Illinois Bike Attorneys

1.) Wear A Properly Fitted Helmet: Make any and all adjustments to pads and straps. Helmets should be level, snug and reflective. 2.) Be Visible & Predictable: Wear bright or reflective clothing, look out for drivers and bikers and BE PREDICTABLE! Hand signal when making turns, if you can't be [...]

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