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Birth Injuries

When doctors and other healthcare providers make mistakes during the labor and delivery of a child there can be life-threatening effects for both mother and child. What is supposed to be a joyous event can turn into a tragedy. Medical errors such as incorrect medications, inadequate monitoring, delayed C-Sections, and excessive force during delivery can result in severe injuries to mothers and children alike. If you, or your child, were injured due to inadequate or improper medical care during labor or delivery, you may have a claim against the responsible healthcare providers. The attorneys of Keating Law Offices have represented families coping with the painful and long-term consequences of errors by healthcare providers. Please contact us today if you, or your child, have suffered a birth injury due to errors by a healthcare provider.

Birth injuries to children are different from birth defects. Birth injuries are acquired during delivery and labor. They are caused by physical force or trauma. Many birth injuries to children are the result of tearing injuries to a child’s neck and upper body during delivery. Some symptoms and signs of a birth injury will be immediately apparent while others may be delayed and take days, weeks, months, or years to recognize and diagnosis. Birth injuries can result in impaired growth, decreased strength, and higher risk of infections. Diagnosis as early as possible is needed to help children to have as full of a life as possible. Many victims of birth injuries require surgery and long-term physical therapy to help them recover.

Common Birth-Related Injuries To Mothers:

  • Death
  • Failure to Diagnose Complications
  • Infection
  • Internal Bleeding
  • C-Section Injury
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Common Birth-Related Injuries To Children:

  • Death
  • Hypoxia/Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (from lack of oxygen to the brain or trauma)
  • Brain Damage
  • Nerve Damage (Paralysis/Palsy, Damage to Spinal Cord, Brachial Plexus Injuries [Erb’s Palsy, Klumpke’s Palsy])
  • Fractures (Skull & Collarbone/Clavicle)
  • Facial and Scalp Lacerations
  • Bruising and Hematomas
  • Infection


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