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Bicycle Accident Lawyers On Reading Your Illinois Accident Report

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When you are involved in a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle, the police should be called. The police will then fill out an accident report called the Illinois Traffic Crash Report. It will have important information about your crash that can help you claim for financial compensation. Keating Law Offices, P.C. can help you get a copy and explain how it can be useful.

The accident report will contain information about where the crash happened, who was involved, who witnessed it and who was injured. It may also provide information about negligence on the part of the motor vehicle driver – for example, whether the driver received a ticket for speeding or failing to yield the right-of-way.

Insurance companies read these reports carefully when determining the value of your claim. That is why it’s important to make sure the information in it is accurate. Be sure to get a copy of the report as soon as possible (there is usually a fee) and review it for any discrepancies. If something doesn’t seem right, let us know immediately.

Our attorneys use the information from this report when building strong cases, to hold negligent drivers accountable. Insurance companies will try to use some of this information against you to minimize your compensation. We know how to fight back to help you recover the compensation you deserve after your bicycle accident.

If you have any questions about your accident report or how we can help you with your case, contact us today. We can schedule a free consultation with one of our bicycle accident attorneys. We’ll review the details of your case; answer any questions you have and go over your legal options.

General Information

This section includes basic information about your bicycle accident – where it happened, when it happened and whether anyone was injured.

Unit 1 and Unit 2

This section is used to recover information about the vehicle operators involved in the accident. One will be the driver who hit you, and the officer will list that driver’s contact information, type of vehicle, license plate number and insurance information. One will be you, and the officer will note that you were on a bicycle. The officer will also list what hospital you and/or the driver were taken to if injured.

Passengers and Witnesses

In this section, the officer will list names and contact information for any passengers in the vehicle, as well as for any witnesses who saw what happened.

Accident Information

This section will document information that can help prove negligence when pursuing financial compensation. The officer will note if any arrests or citations were made, suspected contributory causes and the posted speed limit.


In this section, the officer will draw a pictorial narrative of what happened. The officer may note the direction the vehicles were traveling in, whether there was an intersection or traffic signals, and whether any skid marks were seen on the road. This diagram can be a valuable resource when proving fault.


Here, officers will add a written account of how they think the accident happened. The narrative may also include additional details not found in the rest of the report. For example, the officer may note whether a driver was distracted, driving recklessly or appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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