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Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago Gains Protected Bike Lanes

Green bicycle lane markings on the road

Explore The Latest Measures To Protect Cyclists In The City.

Chicago's "Hipster Highway" gets more protected bike lanes. After years of debate and discussion, sections of the Milwaukee Avenue bike lane will get protected bike lanes. Cycling has become a crucial mode of transportation in the city, and it's widely recognized that it comes with inherent risks, often due to negligent drivers. These new safety initiatives aim to make cycling safer, bringing hope for a decrease in bicycle crashes and creating a more functional, secure, and enjoyable experience for Chicago cyclists. Keating Law's West Town office is located on the Milwaukee Avenue bike lane at 825 North Milwaukee Avenue.

New Safety Additions for Chicago Cyclists

Various types of infrastructure improvements, including protected lanes, raised crosswalks, and bus islands, are being implemented to enhance the safety of biking in the city. These improvements are currently underway on Milwaukee Avenue, spanning from Armitage (2000 North) to Western (2400 West) Avenues and from North (1600 North) to Damen (2000 West) Avenues. Furthermore, plans are in motion to establish an uninterrupted low-stress biking route along Milwaukee Ave.

In an ongoing effort to prioritize the safety of Chicago's cyclists, the City of Chicago may reduce its default speed limit. The current speed limit of 30 mph will soon be lowered to 20 mph. While a reduction of 10 mph may appear modest, it can significantly enhance the chances of survival in the event of a collision with a vehicle, as noted by Streetsblog Chicago. Keating Law is a sponsor of Streetsblog Chicago

How Protected Bike Lanes Enhance Cyclist Safety

Protected bike lanes play a pivotal role in keeping cyclists safe from negligent drivers. These dedicated lanes are designed to provide a physical barrier between cyclists and vehicular traffic, creating a more secure environment for bike riders. Here are some ways in which protected bike lanes contribute to cyclist safety:

  • Physical separation from traffic: Protected bike lanes often feature barriers such as bollards, curbs, or parked cars that physically separate cyclists from motorized vehicles. This separation reduces the likelihood of collisions caused by drivers drifting into the bike lane due to distraction or negligence.
  • Reduced conflicts: By providing a designated space for cyclists, protected bike lanes minimize conflicts between bikes and cars at intersections and along the roadway. This separation reduces the chances of a motorist making a dangerous turn and striking a cyclist.
  • Increased visibility: Many protected bike lanes incorporate clear markings, colored pavement, and distinct signage, enhancing the visibility of the cycling infrastructure. This heightened visibility alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists and encourages them to exercise caution, especially in areas with heavy bicycle traffic. Known as "human factors," the very presence of protected bike lanes helps notify motorists of the presence of cyclists.

Remember, bike lanes are designated for bicycles, and drivers are prohibited from impeding bicycle traffic in these lanes, as outlined in section 9-40-060 of the Chicago Municipal Code. Despite this, many drivers ignore these regulations, crossing into bike lanes, failing to yield to cyclists, or obstructing the lanes, often resulting in dangerous collisions and significant injuries for cyclists.

Protecting The Rights Of Injured Cyclists

Injured bicyclists face not only physical harm but also mounting medical expenses and potential loss of income. Keating Law Offices, P.C. stands by their side, working to hold negligent drivers accountable and seeking financial compensation for their injuries. This process can be complex, with insurance companies often attempting to minimize payouts by disputing injuries, alleging pre-existing conditions, or even blaming the cyclist.

Our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys have a strong reputation for handling bicycle accident cases, and we approach each case with a thorough investigation, gathering evidence, reviewing accident reports, and interviewing witnesses. Our ultimate goal is to secure the compensation our clients rightfully deserve, whether through negotiated settlements or favorable jury verdicts. If you've been injured in a bike lane accident in Chicago, contact us to schedule a free consultation online or call us at 833-CALL-KLO.

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