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Can You Amend A Police Accident Report?

a bicycle accident involving a car and cyclist.

When you've been hurt in a Chicago bicycle accident, the police should be called to the scene. This is a good idea for several reasons. First, the police can help keep everyone safe and get emergency medical attention for anyone who is injured. Police will also investigate the collision and complete an accident report, officially called the Illinois Traffic Crash Report.

This report will contain important information about the accident – including where it happened, when it happened, the people involved, witnesses, and injuries suffered. This can be valuable evidence when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit for financial compensation.

A Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Set The Record Straight.

Accident scenes are often chaotic. Police generally do their best when filling out accident reports, but at least one study has shown that there is room for improvement.

You should get a copy of your accident report as soon as it is available. Then, review it thoroughly to make sure all information is accurate.

But what happens if you do find inaccuracies? Can the report be amended? The short answer is "possibly."

Different types of errors may be found in an accident report. These include:

  • Factual errors – For example, the officer may have included the wrong information about the type of vehicle that hit you or the wrong street name where the accident happened.
  • Transcription errors – Officers typically take notes at the scene and may make mistakes when completing the accident report. For example, you may have told the officer that the vehicle that hit you did not have its turn signal on, but the report says the vehicle did have its turn signal on.
  • Errors of omission – This is information that should have been in the report but was left out. You may have told the officer at the scene that you had pain in your leg, but that information was not in the report.
  • Disputed information – This type of information can be subjective, and different people at the scene may have different descriptions of what happened. For example, you may state that a driver did not stop to look for traffic before making a turn, but the driver says the car was stopped.

Remember that you usually have a much better chance of getting your accident report amended if you have documentation to back you up. Examples of documentation include a witness statement, a photograph, or a video of the accident scene.

So, What Are Your Options?

Once you get a copy of your accident report, review it carefully to see if anything is incorrect or missing. If you discover something wrong in the report, we can take steps to help you get it corrected so that it paints an accurate picture of your bicycle accident. If you need help obtaining or reading your accident report, our legal team can help with that too.

Evidence matters when you or someone you love has been injured in a Chicago bicycle accident. At Keating Law Offices, P.C., our lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and resources to build the strongest case possible on your behalf and fight for the compensation you're entitled to under Illinois law.

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