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Car Accident/Motor Vehicle Collision Litigation

Car crashes can happen in an instant, but the injuries suffered by the victims of a reckless or careless driver can be permanent and devastating. In Illinois, it is the duty of all drivers of motor vehicles to use ordinary care to avoid causing a collision or placing others in danger. Any driver whose dangerous or careless behavior causes injuries to other motorists, pedestrians, or bicyclists, may be liable for damages. If you were in a car that was hit by another driver, you may have a claim whether you were the driver or a passenger.

In Illinois during 2011, there were 918 fatalities due to motor vehicle collisions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on a national level, there were 32,367 people killed and 2,217,000 people injured in car crashes alone. In Illinois, there were 918 fatalities due to motor vehicle collisions during 2011. The majority of these fatal motor vehicle crashes in Illinois were concentrated in Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane, DeKalb, Will, and Champaign Counties. Sadly, motor vehicles crashes are the leading cause of death in children under the age of 14.

If you, or a loved one, have been injured by another driver you may have a claim against the driver who injured you. The attorneys of Keating Law Offices have successfully represented the victims of motor vehicle collisions and their family members. We are ready to help you. Please contact us today to discuss your case.

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Common Car Accident Injuries

  • Brain and Head Injuries
  • Neck and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Facial Injuries
  • Psychological Injuries


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