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//Guide To A Safe Bicycle Commute | Illinois Bike Attorneys
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1.) Wear A Properly Fitted Helmet:
Make any and all adjustments to pads and straps. Helmets should be level, snug and reflective.

2.) Be Visible & Predictable:
Wear bright or reflective clothing, look out for drivers and bikers and BE PREDICTABLE! Hand signal when making turns, if you can’t be seen BE HEARD. Pro Tip: If you can’t make eye-contact with the drivers, shout out your location or intended move.

3.) Lights, Reflectors & Signals:
Be sure to look behind you or use a mirror before switching lanes and making turns. Try to be as visible as possible. Pro Tip: Attach front and rear lights and reflectors to ensure maximum visibility while adhering to legal requirements.

4.) Fully Inflated Tires:
Proper tire pressure lets you ride faster and reduces your risk for flats. Normal road tires require 80-130 PSI and drops by 2% every 10 degrees, get in the habit of checking your pressure before every ride.

5.) Pick Smart Routes:
Try to pick roads with bike lanes or streets with lower traffic and speed limits. Pro Tip: If you can, do test runs on weekends.

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